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Our sixteenth year was short and sweet.
Short because we were too busy to even notice it flash by.
Sweet because we’ve worked with 60+ clients across 600+ projects.

Here’s a Short and Sweet summary.

We worked with image

We worked with 4 of world’s Top 10 technology companies, 2 of world’s biggest fast-food chains, 2 of India’s top pharmaceutical companies, 3 of India’s leading banks…and some upstarts you’ve probably not yet heard of.

Our work has always been sector agnostic. Happily enough, last year too we worked on over 20 sectors.


On over600 projects

When we heard the number, we didn’t believe it too. Last year we worked on…

image image

and a ton of digital campaigns.

Here are a select few.


imageWe designed an eatable website for image


imageCompelling presentations for image

including some slick enough to be mistaken for videos.


We turned an internal campaign into internal gossip for image

We helped launch the Surface Pro 4 in India

image image

imageWe took a Robot to an innovation event


And even covered
3,600 kms to shoot a series of documentaries

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We added an office

With Prototyze (our sister organization and Incubator) exploding in size and scale, we found ourselves squeezed for space.

When quick-fixes like stand-up meetings and co-working desks also could not help us cope, we added another office. But we’re not complaining. Because it has a 180 degree sea view from the terrace, which occasionally also doubles up as our conference room.

Office #3 Dona Paula, Goa.

We hired almost two dozen people

And following a tradition that started a decade ago, clusters of new recruits make lunch for the entire office on a designated Friday. This year we had 4 such Fridays.

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image description

We spent 470 hrs at 30,000 feet

We don’t like leaving Goa that much (unless it’s for misty mountains, cleaner beaches or coconuts with little umbrella straws) but we rarely stuck to our desks. Last year alone, we made 232 trips to visit clients in 12 cities. To put things in perspective we flew 235,689 kilometers. That’s circling the earth roughly 6 times.

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